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When GoGo and Country Collide.

July 29, 2010

What do you get when you mix the largest country band in the world and one of the smallest cities surrounding Dallas? A lot of pretty ladies (none prettier than my wife), thousands of manly men (most manlier than myself), more cowboy boots than you can count, and enough belt buckles to make any bull rider jealous. Unfortunately, you also get packed out burger joints.

I recently bought my wife Rascal Flatts tickets for our 5th Wedding Anniversary. We wanted to make sure we got great parking, so we arrived around an hour and a half early. Before we headed over to Pizza Hut Park, we decided to get a bite to eat across the street at the Frisco Square. We walked around until we settled on GoGo Burger, a small, Warhol art-inspired, burger shop right next door to its parent restaurant, Mattito’s Tex-Mex. When we arrived, the place was crammed. We placed our order, which was easy as they have a minimalistic menu placed in three areas from the time you walk in the door, and stood in waiting for approximately 20 minutes for their signature GoGo Burger and hand-cut fries. We also ordered an Oreo shake that was given to us prior to the long wait. I don’t believe that it actually took them that long to make our food, but they obviously weren’t prepared for so many visitors. The size of this restaurant shows that they planned from the beginning to only serve about 50 people at a time — or they just didn’t have the money to go bigger. One or the other. You would think that being across from one of the biggest venues in North Texas would lend itself to the amount of potential traffic, right? So, I guess, there isn’t any excuse for their size. The only good thing that came from our wait was that we got to run into a gentleman who visited our church a few weeks ago and his wife who was originally out of town.

When our order was up, we could hear Etta James singing “At Last.” The food wasn’t Slap Yo’ Mama Good, but it was exactly as you would expect. Whenever you have expectations and they’re met, you’re satisfied. It’s when you have unmet expectations that you are disappointed, e.g. Twisted Root. Twisted fans, I’m not out to get them or make them look bad, but I’m just saying it’s not all that. GoGo Burger does have some really cool menu items that they might become known for… Extreme Shakes (see below for their full shake menu). All in all, it was a pretty good experience — we needed to waste some time before the show anyway. I’m sure service is much better on any normal night.

Extreme Shakes – $3.99






Sno Ball

Vanilla Frosting

Chocolate Frosting

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  1. Teresa Samuels permalink
    July 29, 2010 11:11 PM

    I was satisfied with our visit to GoGo Burger. The pricing was similar to that of Burger King or McDonalds, but with a taste that reminded me of the burgers my mom made when I was growing up. Mmmmmmm. While the shakes were impressive (I love their originality), I sadly cannot say the same for the fries, which were lacking flavor and excessively greasy.

    To experience the lengthy wait was an added disappointment to the inadequate seating of the establishment. There is no such thing as respecting someone’s personal space while in GoGo Burger during a rush.

    The company was incredible and, like you said, we were able to fill our time before the concert. I would go back if we were in the area. However, I probably would not suggest we drive out there specifically for their food.

  2. August 3, 2010 5:36 PM

    Well if a place is good enough to slap someone, then I’ve got to try it.

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