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Uptown Prices. Low Down Volume.

August 9, 2010

After sitting in meetings all day, co-workers and I began to focus on only one thing… lunch. They were in the mood for salads, and with Dallas being a salad concept warzone, we had a few to choose from. My favorite salad chain is by far Snappy Salads, but I had to be a gentleman and defer the decision to the others. Unfortunately, being a gentleman sometimes comes at a price—a hefty price at that.

One of the girls talked about her days of working for Greenz as a corporate menu developer among holding  down other responsibilities. She made their menu sound so great that I was beginning to question my loyalty. I agreed to go along to Greenz on Dallas’ McKinney Avenue hoping that all was as great as it sounded. I really wanted to try a similar salad to the one I love so much from Snappy Salads, but they didn’t have an Oriental-inspired salad on the menu, so I chose my usual order, The Mediterranean. Ugh! Someone should tell them that less is only more when talking about art and prices—not with food and not with clothes. Especially not food. My meal came out to $8.25 for the salad and an extra $2.50 for the chicken. It wasn’t even that big. Look at the picture above. It’s life-size. That much salad will get stuck in your teeth.

Here’s one great thing about Greenz… the presentation will set them apart; however, I’d like to add, ‘only if you can afford them.’ Though I am partial to Snappy Salads, Snappy’s prices are also pretty steep. But the difference comes in the amount of salad. Snappy Salads’ half size is larger than the regular-sized salad at Greenz. I was told that my salad was small because I ordered mine with the dressing already mixed in. Should that matter? This only tells me that my salad wasn’t made fresh, that’s all.

Jennifer Huval, Greenz cofounder and CEO, said in QSR Magazine in regards to the many salad concepts in Dallas, “There’s room for us all.” Well I say, ‘Dallas might be that big, but my wallet isn’t.’

Greenz on UrbanspoonSnappy Salads on Urbanspoon

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