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Ghost Chili. Wash Your Hands Before Peeing.

December 16, 2010

My wife and I are visiting San Antonio this Christmas to spend time with our family and friends. Every time I go away, I like to try different foods so I can write about them later. Sometimes things are blog-worthy, sometimes they’re not. Sometimes I think I’m going to write about a place or some food and I later realize that it wasn’t too spectacular to tell everyone; but if I get a chance to visit Chunky’s Burgers, you better believe that I’m writing about it.

Brooke Price, the foodie of my office, and her family visited Chunky’s Burgers in San Antonio while there for a wedding. Her brother decided to order the hottest burger in the world, The Four Horsemen, the burger seen on Travel Channel’s Man v. Food. This burger is so hot! It has four very hot peppers: Jalapeños, Serrano Peppers, Habenero, and the Ghost Chili, whose real name is Naga Jolokia. That just sounds scary — like your insides are going to turn on you or you faint from exhaustion.

Well, I hope I get to visit, but I don’t think I’ll be eating that burger! I’m not fool. See the videos below of Brooke’s brother and Adam from Man v. Food.

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