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  1. fshivone permalink
    March 5, 2011 8:43 AM

    First, great blog. Read quite a few posts and really enjoyed them. I found you through Urbanspoon.

    Next, I don’t care for most logo changes because they are usually typeface changes that seem more pleasing to the graphics dept. than sales and marketing. But I liked the Starbucks change; it maintained its recognizability, modernized a little, and emphasized the dominant image. If they would stop serving Pikes Place — and return to full Sumatra — I’ll be happy.

    BTW, as a blogger, and new to Urbanspoon, I’m thinking they’re getting a lot more out of me than I am of them. Any thoughts?

  2. March 7, 2011 9:28 AM

    Thanks for you complement. I really appreciate it.

    As for Urbanspoon, think about it this way… Their whole purpose is to populate their site with reviews and comments. If we write articles, reviews, etc. for them, then we’re helping them attain their ultimate goal and give their site purpose. For us bloggers, we write because we want to get our thoughts out on a particular subject instead of keeping it inside or only telling those close to us. Our main goal is to populate our blog with our valuable info with a second goal of having someone read it. If you see it this way, then YES, I do believe that they get more from us than we get from them. We help Urbanspoon reach their most important goal and they only help us reach our second most important – but it’s worth it! You’re not the first to find me via Urbanspoon.

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