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Taco Bell: The Definition of Bad A**.

April 20, 2011

Taco Bell's Law Suite Ad

We all know that Taco Bell was sued earlier this year by law firm Beasley Allen for false advertisement of their 100% USDA inspected beef. Usually when something like this happens, most restaurant chains would manage such a crisis by staying low-key or having their public relations group send out press reassuring their customers that their product is quality. Well, Taco Bell took it a step further. Right after the suit was issued, Taco Bell ran a full-page ad that pretty much said this is going to be war—it opened with, “Thank you for suing us.”

Now that the lawsuit has been voluntarily withdrawn, the chain has launched another national ad campaign in The Wall Street Journal. I translate this one as, We do have a pair and we expect an apology. Don’t you love my interpretations?

While some say that Taco Bell went too far, I say, “Damn, they’re cool!” I don’t know of any other chain that would have responded in the same manner. If you’re one of those who thinks differently, imagine for a moment that you’re a multi-billion dollar company and your flagship brand that accounts for approximately 60 percent of the company’s profits was being made a fool of. What would you do? Humbly back down? Smile and wave? I think not! When McDonald’s was sued for the coffee incident, they should have done the same thing—even though they lost.

You can read the latest ad on Taco Bell’s website, but I’ve added here for your convenience.

Taco Bell’s Response Ad

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  1. April 20, 2011 8:17 PM

    Hadn’t seen their ad but I am happy about it. I like Taco Bell and don’t really care if the taco is 100% beef or not. But I’m the guy who lived on the 2fer 99 cent deep-fried jack in the box tacos.

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