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Cost-Cutting Restaurant Tips.

April 27, 2011

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to own by own business. When I was a child, my friend Cory Bell and I would fry chicken wings and french fries and create some concoction of “secret sauce” to dip them into. My sister even says that we used to put Kool-Aid in some of our sauces. Although I have no recollection of this, I’ve learned never to argue with a woman about their memory. “What does this have to do with cost-cutting restaurant tips?” you might ask. Well, my dream of owning a business somehow merged with my creativity in the kitchen and what came out of it was obvious. Knowing that the time isn’t right for me to open my own restaurant, I decided to compile a booklet of articles and inspiration to prepare me for when that day comes.

One of the first articles I saved was How to cut food costs from Fast Casual Magazine. I found it to be common sense, but just like “The Purpose Driven Life,” it’s the common sense stuff that we don’t think of that we find ourselves being fans of. So, without further ado, here’s how to save money on purpose.

  • Maintain a well-organized storage room.
  • Re-evaluate the menu at least once a year to determine its profitability.
  • Take advantage of vendor discounts for holidays like Christmas and Easter.
  • Buy direct from the manufacturers, if possible, rather than the food distributor.
  • Negotiate prices with vendors, particularly when buying in bulk.
  • Cost-out recipes at least three times a year on products that consist of the bulk of your menu.
  • Re-use day-old meats in stews or soups. Rally’s/Checker’s used to make their chili sauce from day-old burgers. It was my first real job.
  • Buy pre-cut lettuce to save time on washing and cutting.
  • Store raw vegetables in reusable airtight containers to prevent dehydration and spoilage.

You can read the original article at

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