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A Taco Bell TV Spot Idea.

October 27, 2011

Follow me on this one… It’s a winner! Well, it’s also late. I was supposed to write this two weeks ago!

While rooting for our beloved Detroit Tigers during the ALCS games, my wife and I saw the new Taco Bell Major League Baseball commercial (not new anymore since they’ve produced a second one) promoting their XXL Chalupa, featuring San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson. I look at my wife and said, “Man, that’s thick!” My wife says, “What? That beard?” “No! That Chalupa.” I turned to her immediately and told her how that should be their next commercial. Exactly what we just did.

So picture this… The World Series goes to commercial break. The first Brian Wilson Taco Bell commercial comes on and half-way through, the camera pans out to two people sitting on the couch watching the commercial. And one person says to the other, “Man, that is thick!” The rest is history.

So, if the Rangers don’t pull off a win tonight in Game 6, I think Taco Bell should jump on this ASAP. Sorry, TB for the short notice. Next time I’ll share my ideas sooner.

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