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McDonald’s Does It Again.

April 12, 2012

When it comes to marketing, we always think the more money you have, the greater the impact. And of course we all know that McDonald’s have more marketing dollars than any other restaurant chain in the world. They’ve spent more money on one commercial than some companies spend the whole year. Back in 2008, McDonald’s spent a total of $782.6 million on direct marketing (TV, radio, and print advertising). That’s just crazy! In this industry, we often hear smaller chains or independent restaurant owners say, “How can I compete with such deep pockets?” The answer is, “You can’t!” But what you can do is be smarter with the dollars you do have.

Let’s look at McDonald’s as the stars we keep reaching for in our goal to do big advertising. Don’t treat them like they’re the enemy, LEARN FROM THEM. Some of their most impressive and viral marketing efforts weren’t commercials or even corporate-made YouTube videos, but rather print ads and billboards and videos others made about their print ads and billboards. A few years ago, the marketing giant spent a lot of money on one billboard that actually grew the 16 varieties of lettuce found in their salads. And I’m sure you remember the really cool Fruit & Walnut billboard with the huge green fork as the pole. This is what I mean when I say you can’t compete with their abundance of money. But, here is where you can learn.

Just a few months ago, McDonald’s put up another billboard that is so simple anyone can do it. It’s simplicity is what makes it so epic. From this moment on, it will forever be known as McDonald’s Reflective Billboard. See for yourself and be inspired to think within your marketing budget of ways to be epic.

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