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I, Pizza Robot?

June 14, 2012

So you know how in the movie I, Robot Detective Del Spooner, played by Will Smith, frequently rants about robots replacing humans? Well, they’ve done it again. In this real-life movie-come-true, pizza robots live by three governing laws:

Law I / A robot must make pizza and pizza only
Law II / A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where no currency has been submitted
Law III / A robot must provide eating utensils for extremely hungry human beings as long as such requests corresponds with the first or second law

Okay, these laws may not be official, but they are true. The Let’s Pizza machine only makes pizza and will only work if you pay for it.

Believe it or not, when inventor Claudio Torghele came up with this idea, he originally thought pasta.

“I had the inspiration some years ago. I was in California. And looking at the people eating… all the time. They wanted to go fast and [they enjoyed] the Mediterranean cuisine. I had a pasta factory and I had an idea to do a pasta machine. And then when we started, we thought that probably pizza was a more global product, so we changed it.”

That was probably a good idea, Claudio. Who wants water boiling inside of a vending machine? It sounds like an electrocution waiting to happen. Creating pizza from raw materials inside a vending machine seems crazy as well, but it obviously works.

From a marketing perspective, Let’s Pizza is pretty solid. The website is pretty and has all of the necessary information. The esthetics of the machine are simple but polished. It produces fresh pizza at a low cost, so the purchaser is happy; and it produces it 3 minutes, so the customer is happy — look out Pie Five. The only problem is the scary woman in the video. Should Claudio Torghele decide to come out with I, Pizza Robot: Part 2, adding a beverage option would be pretty cool.

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