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Sea Food Differently.

March 20, 2013

Red LobsterLast December,’s columnist Darrel Suderman wrote an article titled “Can Innovation Salvage Darden Restaurants?” that explained how innovation is the solution to the problem of declining sales and deep discounts for a brand that has lost its luster.

Suderman made one point that I believe Darden, and more specifically Red Lobster, heard loud and clear, “Now, innovation in the restaurant industry does not always need to be new product innovation. It can also be service innovation, design innovation, equipment innovation, marketing innovation, or information systems innovation.”

He could not have been any more correct. Innovation is always the answer to problems because in its truest form, innovation is simply introducing something new or different. If what you keep doing keeps causing problems, do something different. Red Lobster has decided to sea food different as they are currently testing a fast casual “happy hour” approach to lunch operations in two Orlando-area locations to pull time-starved customers from quick-serve and fast casual concepts. They are calling it “Seaside Express”. Guests will be able to order from a new lunch-focused menu at the bar or at a special counter and have their meals brought out to them in a matter of minutes.

The “Seaside Express”menu consists of entrees between $6.99 and $8.99 with meals ranging from barbecue shrimp flatbread to Red Lobster’s traditional wood-grilled burgers and chicken sandwiches.

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  1. May 2, 2013 12:45 AM

    Red Lobster is doing a great job here. Restaurant innovation does not always have to be “new food products” to promote. There are so many times where the consumers just want some new fresh concepts, but not always in the form of food with restaurants. A fresh new menu, new decor, new technology allowing for new convenient ways to order, etc.

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